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An Action Plan for Referendums and Levies

For those of you "logging on" to retrieve materials from the FAIRIndiana (www.FAIRIndiana.org) website…we hope this booklet will provide you with ideas, discussion points, strategies and possible effective solutions to help you in your creation and implementation of an effective referenda campaign.

Adobe PDF Document"Keep the PRIDE Alive"

Superintendent Guide to Political Action Committees and Effective Campaign Strategies

81 pages | 5.1 MB

The booklet is laid out in conjunction with the presentations of Dr. Mike Trego from Indiana Wesleyan University. Some of the pages may not hold or present full ideas in print as they are presented in a discussion format during the live presentation. (EX. page 9-10 on the Hank Rubin concepts of collaboration).

Pages 34-80 is the extensive collaborative PAC/Campaign plan for your consideration. It is provided as a guide and your specific campaign committee may look a bit different. The idea in the campaign is to cover "all the bases" of need and logistics and to create a positive climate and culture of success for the PAC.

If you have any questions that the author can answer please feel free to contact Dr. Trego at michael.trego@indwes.edu or phone (765) 661-1645. He will be happy to explain and help you to understand any concepts contained in this material.

Good Luck in your PAC's and in your campaigns.

Mike Trego
November 2010

Department of Educational Administration
School of Educational Leadership                                                                                                              
Indiana Wesleyan University
© November 2010