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Educational Materials for Community Leaders

One of the reasons FAIR created this site was to provide a clearinghouse for information and resources, so local officials in one area can learn more about strategies used by their counterparts in another. In this section, you’ll find publications and other resources created by FAIR and by others who have provided permission to post here.

Noblesville Schools: Keeping Our Students First
Noblesville Schools: Keeping Our Students First

Excellent schools are the heart of dy- namic, growing, desirable communities, and we are proud that Noblesville Schools' reputation lives up to that standard!

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Comparing Apples to Apples?
FAIR Whitepaper: Comparing Apples to Apples?

FAIR’s intention is to call attention to the need for changes in the present referendum system to ensure fairness and factual information.

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Educating the Community
Educating the Community:
A superintendent’s guide to gaining public support for facilities

FAIR’s first publication is a collection of wisdom from school superintendents and other experts about referenda and community collaboration.

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PACE Publication

One of a series of publications created by the Plainfield Community School Corporation to inform the public about their long-range facilities program.

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